Utah All-Stars

Utah Motorsports All-Stars. 

2019 Inductees:

Tayler Allred Age: 15 Riverton, Utah

3X National Champion at the Famous Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

38 National Titles won

Raced the Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas twice

Currently Racing for the KTM Factory Orange Brigade Race Team

Nathan Rafferty Age: 48 Park City, Utah

President of the Utah Ski and Snowboard Association

Raced his first Rally in 2012 in Morocco, again in 2015 and in

2018 was able to get first in the Africa Eco Race which lead to his 2019 Dakar Race and finish. –

This is a 9000 Kilometer race. (6000 Miles) and finished as the 3rd American, the only Utah Rider ever, (as far as we know)

Parker Miller Age: 10 Draper, Utah

3 X National Championships Competitor at the famed Lorretta Lynn’s Ranch

Multiple X winner of the Edge Mini-MX League

Multiple RMX Arena X Champion

RMX Summer Series Champ

Colleen Konger Age: 38 Payson, Utah

She lost her leg almost 6 years ago – and worked very hard to get back on

Won back to back championships in the top women’s class in the USRA desert racing series

Second place in the NHHA

She was invited to X games as the first ever female to compete in a motor sports category during Winter X Games

She built my bike myself, snow bike racing the national snow bike series

The best thing is all of the cool people I have a met along the way… I appreciate every small bit of help that from the companies and friends shows that if you want it bad enough, it doesn’t matter how old you are, what your background is or if you’re missing a limb...

Ethen Roberts Age: 28 Draper Utah

2004 Youngest kid to do a back flip on dirt bike

One of the first to flip a timber sled

X Games Bronze Medal on a KTM Snowbike set-up

Nitro Circus Competitor and athlete for since the beginning

Double Back Scorpion on a MTB

First to pull a triple backflip on a mountain bike

Travis Whitlock: Springville, Utah

14 X North American Hillclimb Assoc. Champ

3 X Widowmaker Champ

2018 gold medal hillclimber

2019 Silver Medal hillclimb at the winter X-Games

Beat Jeremy McGrath at the Great American Hill Climb

Youngest rider to top Windowmaker at 15 yrs old

Numerous national championships and world championships.

Gregg Godfrey Age: Old man, will be 50 this year. Draper, Utah

Gregg is A Utah writer, producer and director most known as the founder and creator of Godfrey Entertainment and Co-Founder of Nitro Circus with Travis Pastrana.

But Gregg is so much more… He has produced and director numerous films, TV shows and events all around the world. His crazy mind was behind much of the evolution and progression of extreme sports and zany antics that have become common place today.

Most people don’t know that Gregg was also the first to attempt many of the stunts that his subjects later accomplished. He has raced, off-road trucks, bikes, cars UTVS and more.

Has broken 4 world Records including the longest and fastest Iron Rider win at the 2007 Baja 1000

He also has the longest, highest Semi Truck Jump one the city street of Butte Mt at Evel Knievel Days.

Filmed the first motorcycle back flip on a motorcycle right here in Utah

Help launch and created careers of many action sports athletes, providing the stage and film to make their sports come to life.

We call him the Godfather…